Children In Touch | Professionals

As a small team covering Oxfordshire we enjoy working collaboratively with professionals from other settings in an effort to meet the increasing need for support to children, young people and families living with autism.

We are able to provide:

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We realise there is a training need amongst professionals, organisations, and the private sector across Oxfordshire and have developed training courses and workshops accordingly. We are happy to provide a variety of training, including bespoke training on request. We aim to provide a balance of theory, practical ideas, and ensuring training is relevant to the audience.

Training includes:

  • Autism Awareness
  • Sexuality
  • Sensory processing
  • Supporting children in play
  • Challenging Behaviour and Autism
  • and bespoke training on request

We continue to promote cohesive care pathways and improved services for children with autism and their carers.

We enjoy excellent working relationships with the local authority and health agencies and a track record of leading joint working, facilitating change, and consultation.

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with organisations to deliver improved or new services.

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